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Market Intelligence for the Built Environment
  • Client Research

    Targeted investigations identify key players, decision-makers, and influencers and highlight their preferences, “hot buttons,” and strategic vulnerabilities. The findings help you anticipate most scenarios, events and consequences and provide huge advantages in preparing new business proposals and presentations. The research is conducted electronically as well as through discrete personal networking. 
  • Market Sector Studies

    These in-depth studies include an overview of key issues, trends, demographic profiles, conditions, and opportunities. Conducted from a local to international scale, these reports enrich strategic planning, support branding, and help focus marketing efforts. 
  • Trends and Forecasts

    Collected data is focused on the long view and contributes to improved decision-making. 
  • Prospect Research

    We monitor thousands of international sources to identify client prospects and project opportunities, qualify the best targets, and present selected leads most appropriate for our clients. Because the search is customized, the leads are early and not widely known across the industry as those disseminated through commercial services. 
  • Research on Potential Team Members

    Researching our worldwide sources, we assist you in assembling a vetted team of winning consultants and collaborators. 
  • Project Proposals – Strategy, Writing and Editing Support

    Research and strategy strengthen content for proposal submissions and increase chances of winning. We support with client research, critical evaluation of the RFP, strategy advice, writing assistance, and rigorous editing. 
  • Competitor Analysis

    Data on competitor strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is ethically gathered, analyzed and presented with insightful commentary that aids “go/no go” decision-making, positioning, and long-term planning. 
  • Strategic Planning for Pursuing New Business

    Working collaboratively with each of our clients, we provide strategic information and recommend reasonable, actionable steps for formulating and implementing a firm’s long-term new business goals. 
  • Public Outreach

    We investigate worldwide opportunities for networking, publicity, speaking engagements, awards, and exhibitions. Our study of content, audiences, calendars, journalists, award juries, ROI, etc. help our clients reach relevant targets and strengthen their communications.