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Market Intelligence for the Built Environment

MethodologyLargeThe Gretes Research Methodology is distinctive for its creative approach to “navigating, curating, and synthesizing” information that responds effectively to client goals, budget and schedule.

Project Understanding. After an initial meeting with our clients to discuss the assignment, Gretes Research Services prepares a detailed scope of work outlining the process, deliverables, budget and timeline. Upon approval, incorporating changes that the client may request, the study is under way. We help clarify your goals.

  • Research Our rigorous search through cross-disciplinary print and online sources and personal contacts is followed up with expert synthesis and analysis. This process is enriched, not by codes and algorithms, but by practical expertise gained from working side-by-side with architects, real estate professionals, journalists and information professionals for more than three decades.
  • Data Gathering – Guided by the project objectives, we conduct an intensive web search, considering reliability and currency of sources. Results comprise a substantial collection of news, statistics, and other data from newspapers, trade journals, white papers, industry portals, government agencies, universities and professional associations worldwide.
  • Personal Contacts – The essence of true intelligence lies with “soft data”. Opinions and comments reaped from interviews with experts, industry leaders, journalists, colleagues, competitors, etc. may confirm, challenge, and otherwise supplement the sources collected during the data-gathering phase.
  • Analysis – Expert analysis and filtering of research is the most characteristic feature of our process.
  • Synthesis – The most relevant information is then compiled into a report which summarizes findings in the context of the client’s request.

DeliverablesWe deliver focused results in any easily manageable format specified by our clients such as market reports, in-person presentations, strategy notes or edited content for use in proposals, white papers, speeches, articles or websites. All research and results remain confidential.

Strategy and Implementation.  The “new knowledge” that we provide can be put into action immediately or for the long term for use in marketing plans, client introductions, media/public outreach programs, or other action plans.