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Market Intelligence for the Built Environment

How Market Intelligence Builds Success


  • The Power of your Pitch – Client and market insight helps target what is important.
  • Win-Rate – Early lead identification and thorough project understanding are critical.
  • The Value of Your Services – Match your strengths with market needs and trends.
  • Client Relationships – Put intelligence to use in developing long-term relationships.
  • Market Position – Implement correct strategies to fit the competitive environment.
  • The Reach of Your Communications – Find and understand your audience.
  • Branding and Identity – “Know Thyself” and build on your strengths.



  • Risk – Reliable and current information improves decision-making.
  • Costs – Focused Marketing Efforts


  • Early Lead Identification and Qualification
  • Market Assessment and Positioning
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Focused Marketing Efforts
  • Targeting of Key Players
  • Insight into Clients, Stakeholders, and Potential Collaborators
  • Competitor Assessment
  • Winning Proposals and Presentations
  • Project Innovations
  • Time-Saving, Cost-Effective Results